Child Support

When it comes to discussing finances, it can be hard to come to an agreement between parents. If the parents fail to come to a settlement, it is up to the court to decide how much support will be owed to the parent for the support of child. Many factors will be considered when deciding the financial aspects of the case. In this circumstance, you should consult with an attorney to make sure you receive or pay the correct amount of support.

The intentions of the court are to minimize the impact of the divorce on the child at hand. Child support will help the child live their life the way they had when the parents’ marriage was still intact. Some of the factors that will be considered in a child support case include:

  1. How much money the parents earn or have the ability of earning;
  2. The income of each parent;
  3. The number of children the parents share;
  4. The amount of time each parent spends with the child;
  5. How much support the child receives from other relationships;
  6. The costs of daycare and health-care costs;
  7. Other factors.

Unless the parents agree to use a different child support amount, the court will generally order child support in the amount determined by the child support guidelines. Unlike property settlements, child support continues for many years, sometimes up until the child becomes a legal adult.