Pre-Marital and Co-Habitation Agreements

A premarital agreement (prenuptial agreement) is a document signed before a marriage begins. Unlike regular contracts that are effective upon signing, the pre-marital agreement does not become effective until the marriage is finalized. This legal document covers the rights and obligations pertaining to the present and future property and finances of each partner before the marriage, and how it will be divided should the marriage lead to a divorce. Many guidelines need to be followed when signing a premarital agreement, and it is important to consult an attorney. If you feel the need to sign a pre-marital agreement, it is in your best interest to contact a family law attorney.

We are prepared to help you with the following steps of a premarital agreement:

  1. Drafting a premarital agreement;
  2. Reviewing all details of the agreement;
  3. Providing legal advice about a proposed premarital agreement;
  4. Modification of an existing agreement.

A Family Lawyer Can Help With Your Premarital Agreement

A premarital agreement is a legal document that will help protect your assets. It will also make the process of a divorce a smoother one with some of the division of property and assets already decided upon. A family lawyer at The Law Office of Keith E. Patterson understands the process of preparing such an important legal document, and can help you with all the legal aspects.

You may be worried about your marriage ending in divorce. Your premarital property is important to you, and the thought of losing it in a divorce can be unbearable. With a premarital agreement, you can make sure your separate property and other assets are protected, eliminating any fear you may be having.

A Family Lawyer Can Help With Your Cohabitation Agreement

Sometimes couples live together, or intend to live together in the future, in a non-marital situation with no intention to marry. The marital property laws do not apply in these situations. Accordingly, the parties may want to enter into a cohabitation agreement regarding the ownership of their property, and the division of the property once they are no longer living together.   The parties may also want to establish their rights and responsibilities as it relates to their cohabitation, in the event there becomes a dispute regarding such matters.