Child Custody

When it comes to your child, emotions are high and every decision matters. Child custody is a very sensitive subject and can lead to strong disagreements between parents. The fighting can be very traumatic for a child going through a parental divorce, so it is imperative to make the process as easy as possible. With the help of a child custody lawyer from The Law Office of Keith E. Patterson, your family can have a peace of mind.

The Legal Aspects of a Child Custody Case

The court takes many things into consideration when deciding the outcome in this type of family matter. The “best interest of the child” involved is always the most important aspect. California does not favor the mother or the father in child custody disputes. In California, the policy is to ensure that the child has frequent and continuing contact with each parent after they separate, divorce or end their relationship. Some of the factors that will be considered in a child custody case include:

  1. The best interests of the child;
  2. The age of the child;
  3. History of violence or abuse;
  4. The health, safety and welfare of the child;
  5. Stability and continuity of the home environment;
  6. Protection of sibling relationships;
  7. Wishes of the child (depending on the age of the child);

Seek Help From a Child Custody Lawyer

If you are going through a divorce or ending a relationship, and find yourself in a dispute over child custody, it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately. We understand what you are going through and how important your child’s future is to you. We have helped mothers and fathers and know how difficult the process is for both. Our knowledge and compassionate will help you get through the legal aspects as quickly as possible. Your future is on the line.